Inspection and maintenance training course for ATEX electrical installations

IEC/EN 60079-17 standard

We train employers, safety managers, consultants, designers, manufacturers and users of machinery, equipment and plants, installers, maintenance technicians, inspectors.


  • Main arrangements and standards concerning inspection and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment in explosive atmospheres:
    • IEC/EN 60079-17 standard: Electrical installations inspection and maintenance
    • o Other reference standards
  • Personnel qualification for maintenance and inspection of electrical installation in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres
    • Skills and responsabilities
  • General principles of explosion protection
    • Types of protection for Ex electrical equipments
    • Pratical exaples and markings
    • Mistakes that can affect safety of Ex electrical equipment
  • Area classification for gases (IEC/EN 60079-10-1) and dusts (IEC/EN 60079-10-2)
    • Examples of detection of area classification
  • Equipment selection and installation (IEC/EN 60079-14)
    • Main requirements
    • Example of electrical installation in hazardous location
  • Electrical installations inspection and maintenance in explosive atmospheres areas (IEC/EN 60079-17))
    • Type, degree and frequency of verification
    • Periodic inspections and continuous supervision
    • Work permits
    • Verification forms with practical examples

Discussion and conclusion:
The course is structured so that discussion and clarification are combined with practical examples and applications based on field experience.

Eng. Maurizio Toninelli
(Competence certificate IECEx CP INE11.0002)

Teaching materials, certificate of attendance, coffee breaks and lunch.

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