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Atex Safety Service assists manufacturers in the design, construction and certification of equipment, machines, systems according to ATEX directives and IECEx scheme.

We are at your side during all phases: budgeting, feasibility study, risk analysis and design, technical files, component and installation tests. The primary purpose is to help you meet the requirements and achieve all the goals that have been set.

Atex Safety Service solves manufacturers’ and users’ doubts in the normative labyrinths, in order to minimize the time required for approvals concerning installation, products and quality systems at all National and International Certification Bodies.

We also operate effectively within the Machinery Directive to meet the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (RES) and the CE marking, through a specific risk assessment and the necessary documentation (technical file, safety instructions and user manual).

Our goal is to optimize your resources and guarantee the result effectiveness.

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ATEX Directives

ATEX Directives define the requirements to guarantee equipment and workplace safety in explosive atmospheres:

  • ATEX 2014/34/EU (previously 94/9/EC): equipment and protective systems (Dlgs. n. 85/2016);
  • ATEX 99/92/EC: safety and health protection of workplaces and workers (Dlgs. n. 81/08 – section XI: explosive atmospheres).

The protection level required for the equipment depends on the hazardous area that are classified according to the possible presence of an explosive atmosphere (IEC/EN 60079-10-x standards):

  • zone 0, zone 1, zone 2 (gas);
  • zone 20, zone 21, zone 22 (dust).

ATEX directive 2014/34/EU includes surface equipment (group II) and mine equipment (group I) because the hazard, protection techniques and tests are similar for both; for surface equipment (group II) there are 3 categories depending on the protection level:

  • Category 1: very high protection level (for zone 0/20);
  • Category 2: high protection level (for zone 1/21); 
  • Category 3: normal protection level (for zone 2/22).

Categories M1 and M2 are applied for mining equipment (group I). Ask for our support to make sure that electrical and mechanical equipment, systems and workplaces comply with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESR) required by ATEX directives.

IECEx Scheme

A close look at the IECEx certification world.

IECEx certification is essential in the Ex equipment field, representing a technical and commercial opportunity for international markets.

Many countries in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, UK, Norway, Spain, etc.) and in the world (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, India, Korea, Brazil, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan, etc.) have joined IECEx scheme (

IECEx system, which is applied to electrical and mechanical equipment, needs the certification of products (ExTR, CoC), companies (QAR), personnel competence (CoPC) and repair facilities.

The equipment marketing is facilitated with IECEx. It avoids duplicating certificates and tests required by those countries which join the scheme. The standards for electrical equipment (IEC 60079-x), mechanical equipment (ISO IEC 80079-36 & 37), electrical installations (IEC 60079-14), inspections (IEC 60079-17), repairs (IEC 60079-19) are applied. Knowledge and application of these standards is mandatory for all operators so to make the correct choice for equipment, installation, maintenance and repair.

Atex Safety Service has been the first in Italy to get IECEx competence certification (CP INE11.0002) for equipment (IEC 60079-x), installations and inspections (IEC 60079-14 & 17) and AS/NZS (Australia/New Zealand) since 2011.