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Any company or industry that uses substances (flammable liquids, gases or combustible dusts) that can potentially form explosive mixtures and consequently create hazardous areas shall have the classification of dangerous zones and the document of protection against explosions, obligations provided by the ATEX Directive 99/92/EC (Dlgs. 81/2008 Title XI – Protection from explosive atmospheres).

The purpose of the classification is to provide an objective and realistic assessment of the hazardous areas and their extension based on the substances, quantity, type of process, scenarios and sources of emission and ventilation.

The classification is fundamental for the choice of all equipment and/or plants.

The explosion protection document shall contain the assessment of all explosion risks, the technical and organisational prevention and protection measures taken.

Electrical installations in classified areas with explosion hazard shall be made with special characteristics to be suitable for such environments; it is essential that the integrity and safety of the components are maintained throughout the service life of the installation. In accordance with the current regulations and standards (EN 60079-17), ATEX systems require mandatory periodic inspections to verify the safety of the installation, the condition of the components and their maintenance.

Atex Safety Service provides a fast, complete and independent service in this field; we are equipped to carry out inspections, checks, controls and field testing on equipment and installations.

We provide summary reports of the situation including the necessary actions to ensure safety and compliance with the reference standards.

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